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What to Look For in an Online Life Coaching Program

When looking for an Online Life Coach, he or she should have an Online Life Coaching program that is tailored to meet your specific needs, establish your individual goals and apply proven action plans that will be continually audited. It is also highly advisable that the Online Life Coaching program consist of as many of the following modalities as possible:

Ego Transcendence: Our pseudo sense of self is what we call the egoic mind. It is the identification with this “phantom self” that inevitably leads to all human suffering. Seek out a life coach who can teach you how to transcend your ego and you’ll be well on your way toward ending your suffering Birmingham UPW.

Neuroscience: Only by accessing the neocortex are we able to choose whether or not we are going to react to daily dramas and challenges. Unfortunately, most humans are still accessing their primitive reptilian and mammalian brains most of the time. My experience is that there are not many life coaches out there who are familiar with neuroscience, but if you can find one, you’ll benefit from this knowledge of the brain.

Shadow Work: Hidden below your threshold of consciousness lies hidden a negative self, an opposite that the ego represses, keeping the soul in a state of slumber and the mind in a veil of darkness. The Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, called this “unknown face” the shadow. It’s recommended that you find a life coach who will help you unveil your shadow and become aware of your unconscious projections and suppressed anger.

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