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Are Life Coaches Indispensable?

Candidly speaking, no one really needs a life coach. Everyone can do without them. You don’t need a coach.

You don’t need a coach in the suggested sense that it is not the coach who reaches the goals set in a coaching relationship, but rather YOU do it. So you really don’t need a coach. Yet if you’ve ever tried to do something that is hard by yourself and then did it later on with another person, you most likely understand that you do better when someone is motivating you Tony Robbins New York.

A Coach Can Make the Difference between Triumph and Failure

To quote the Teton Sioux, Lone Man, (Isna-la-wica), “I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself.” At the time, Lone Man was most likely not referring to a coach. Yet the role of the coach-as-change-example in all of its forms, may not be indispensable. It is this type of role that is so often the decisive difference between a person being triumphant, failing and not even or not trying in the first place. It would be dead-on to assume that for most people at some time in lives, the role played by someone like a coach (if not an actual coach) was and is essential in order to reach many goals. If you think that the basic promises of coaching often including reaching just about any goals you had in mind in short amount of time, it is because you think that a coach can do this for you. Actually, reaching previously unimaginable goals is possible exactly because it is the individual’s will that is ceaselessly capable and because the power of his or her spirit, sometimes left in dormancy, is quite powerful when aroused.

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